Malachite: The Stone of Transformation

Permeate your auric field with positive vibrations, strengthen your energetic shield and protect yourself from negative energy with Malachite. This mesmerising green crystal stands out among other stones both visibly and energetically as this crystal has the power to help you in so many beautiful ways. Want to learn more about the benefits of Malachite crystals and what makes these stones so special? We’ve got all the details!


Malachite Crystal Benefits and Uses

The attraction and use of this green, copper carbonate hydroxide, dates all the 

A variety of Malachite Freeforms

way back to ancient Egypt but its name comes from the Greek for “mallow” (a reference to its leaf-green colour).

Malachite is arguably one of the best stones for protection against negative energies. Use this stone to surround your auric field with positive vibrations and strengthen the outer shell of your personal energy shield. This stone works like a cloaking device keeping you hidden to people and entities with malicious intent. Plus Malachite can help you strengthen your own ability to sense the presence of danger.

Often referred to as ‘the stone of transformation’ Malachite serves mental and emotional expansion and aids its users in the ability to trust their inner voice and intuition. If you want to keep an open mind, carry this stone with you in your daily life or meditate with your Malachite pieces regularly.

This stone’s vibrations are the most optimal for working with the heart and as such it can do wonders for the Heart Chakra. Malachite can stimulate and open your heart to unconditional love and bring a peaceful and loving energy to all your relationships. You can also work on maintaining emotional balance and avoid taking on the emotional baggage of others with Malachite at your side.

Malachite encourages us to find healing, personal growth and abundance by taking the right action. In the presence of this powerful stone it becomes easier to avoid temptations, build confidence and make significant spiritual progress in life.


Using Malachite with Astrology

Like all crystals Malachite has something special to offer for everyone but certain zodiac signs have a lot to gain from working with these powerful crystals.

Malachite promotes abundance by encouraging you to walk the high path in life  and take righteous action. Since Capricorns crave success and financial

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

wellbeing those with Capricorn in their personal astrology would do well to keep this stone by their side at all times using it to aid them in their decision making as they work toward financial abundance and success. As an added bonus working with Malachite may help Capricorn release any emotional baggage that prevents them from achieving success on all levels including personal happiness and satisfaction.

Libras are known to be hopeless romantics who crave connection with others and true love. The problem is they really like to flirt and they fall in love so easily,

making it hard for them to find “the one.” Malachite works well for those with Libra in their chart as it stimulates the Heart Chakra, encourages unconditional love and enhances relationships. Libra can use Malachite Eggs to bring loving energy to all their relationships including their relationships with themselves. With Malachite by their side Libra can establish and maintain emotional balance and perhaps find that their search for the perfect partner doesn’t need to last a lifetime.

If you’re a Scorpio, Malachite’s transformational powers can help you make positive changes to your life. As an emotional being, using Malachite for its 

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

emotional balancing properties will help Scorpio avoid emotional decision making. This stone encourages its users to take righteous action as they begin to recognize what role they play in bringing negativity upon themselves. Taking responsibility for their actions, blocking out additional negativity and healing their emotional hurts can help Scorpio develop the kind of self-trust they need to improve their lives significantly.


Cleansing Your Stones

Crystals are powerful tools for anyone who is working on a spiritual level, whether it’s for personal healing and development, manifestation, or as a healing practitioner. However, these tools only remain effective when they’re well cared for. A well-cared for crystal will continue to emanate powerful vibrations that have the ability to greatly or subtly impact our lives.

Sage Cleansing sticks

Keep your crystals clear of unwanted energies by cleansing them regularly with sage or purifying them with water. Then, charge your crystals to keep them strong by placing them under the light of the full moon or burying them in the earth.

It helps to understand the energy of your crystals so you can choose the best methods for cleansing and charging. Malachite, for example, is associated with the earth element and may benefit from being buried in the earth regularly for charging.

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Choosing Your Malachite Crystals

Malachite crystals come in a variety of shapes, sizes and cuts. The size and shape you choose may vary depending on your intentions. Regardless of what you decide, Malachite will offer all of the benefits discussed above. This powerful stone will help you transform your life, protect your energy, open your heart, find courage and more.

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