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Amethyst Agate Moons - Calming/Balancing

Amethyst Agate Moons - Calming/Balancing

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Amethyst and Agate Half Moon Shapes

Pronunciation: A-muh-thist and A-gate

Chakras: All

Zodiac: All

Element: Air

Planet: Jupiter and Saturn

Origin: Brazil

Brazilian found and purple in colour, Amethyst has a natural calming effect; it relieves stress, soothes irritability and help you achieve a balanced mindset. Amethyst is also considered a powerful protection stone that can guard against psychic attacks. The name Amethyst derives from the ancient Greek word ”amethystos”, meaning sober, that can help you balance the overindulgence. It’s a true healer of body, mind and soul.

Agate is the stone of calmness and brings harmony in your environment. Strongly connected to the Throat Chakra it stimulates self-expression and communication with yourself and others. You will have the encouragement to find your own voice and you will feel courageous and confident in doing so. When you feel a bit ‘down’ or lethargic Agate is the crystal to surround yourself with, whether your carry a tumblestone or place the tower around your house. The divine vibrations of Agate will guide you back to your energetic self. This is the perfect Yin-Yan crystal that balances the energy flow throughout the body.

These moons are a perfect combination of two stones that calm, soothe and balance.

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