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Cobalt Aura Cluster - Strength/Communication

Cobalt Aura Cluster - Strength/Communication

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Cobalt Aura

Pronunciation: Co-balt Or-rah

Chakras: Third-Eye

Quality Grade: 1st Grade

Origin: USA

This stunning and vivid coloured blue stone has intense vibrations and great healing qualities that will provide purity and strength. A combination of Clear Quartz with metallic blue Cobalt and gold treated under high heat, Cobalt Aura is mostly created in the USA. The name, however, is said to originate from the German word for “goblin” that is “kobald”. As an activator of your Third-Eye Chakra, Cobalt Aura, will enhance focus and allow you to see people and situations more clearly. Communication will also be greatly enhanced as you begin to understand more subtle information and remove self-doubt and negativity and let your imagination reach new highs. Cobalt Aura is also used extensively in clairvoyance and higher consciousness, bringing inner peace and a state of enlightenment to the user.


These Crystals are 12-20mm in size.

Please be mindful that these are natural products, they each have their own look and might slightly vary from the pictures.

All our crystals are sold per one piece.

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