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Petrified Wood Flames - Grounding/Harmony

Petrified Wood Flames - Grounding/Harmony

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Petrified Wood 

Pronunciation: Pe-tri-fyd  Wood

Chakras: Root and Third Eye

Zodiac: Virgo and Leo

Element: Earth

Planet: Sun and Earth

Origin: USA

Petrified Wood is a symbol of patience, endurance and longevity. It is naturally created through a process called "silicification" that slowly transforms the wood into a stone-like crystal through the addition of Quartz Chalcedony. It is also known as Agatized and Fossilized Wood. With its strong connection to Mother Gaia, it offers raw grounding energy that will settle and revitalize the Root Chakra. The colours of this stone most often resemble the natural world, with forest green hues, subtle coppery reds and deep purples blending into a brown base. As the embodiment of a glorious past, Petrified Wood is especially good for ancestral healing and can assist you in finding harmony and stability in life. Once you start meditating with Petrified Wood, you might find it easier to recall past memories, slow down and unwind confusing thoughts.

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