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Ruby in Fuchsite Towers - Divine Communication/Emotional Support

Ruby in Fuchsite Towers - Divine Communication/Emotional Support

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Ruby in Fuchsite Towers

Pronunciation: Ru-bee in Fus-hyte

Chakras: Heart and Crown

Zodiac: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo and Cancer

Element: Water

Planet: Mars

Origin: India

One of the prettiest and most intriguing stones to hold on to, Ruby in Fuchsite has a unique energy that calls out to people and enhances your connection to your self, others and the spiritual realm. Combining the potent sexual power of Ruby and the emotional guidance of Fuchsite, this is an excellent Heart Chakra stone. It will bring self-love, acceptance and joy into your life. As it clears away blocked energies you will be able to work on building healthy relationships and develop mutual support and gratitude.

The stone is marked by a base of light to turquoise green Fuchsite, with splashes of bright red, purple or pink Ruby. This powerful blend of contrasting colours mirrors the nature of Ruby in Fuchsite, that is serene yet energetic and bursting forth with energy. A great stone to combine with Moldavite during big life transformation journeys, to strengthen the Heart Chakra and bring emotional support. 

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