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Aragonite Sputnik Druzy Freeform - Grounding/Peace

Aragonite Sputnik Druzy Freeform - Grounding/Peace

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Aragonite Sputnik Druzy Freeform

Pronunciation: Uh-rag-oh-nite Sput-nick

Chakras: Crown

Zodiac: Capricorn

Element: Earth

Origin: Morocco

Found first in Molina de Aragon, Spain - it was named after the region of Aragon and is known as a grounding stone. This fascinating crystal has a mysterious shape, has been nicknamed the Sputnik and comes in a variety of coppery and orange colours. Aragonite is a powerful ‘rooting’ crystal that can help you to centre and ground yourself as well as find your inner silence. If you are struggling to keep still and concentrate after a busy day at work, your Aragonite crystal will be there to help you combat your anger and emotional stress and restore peace within all the chaos.

Aragonite Sputnik is a stone that is also extensively used in Kundalini Yoga, as it can raise your Kundalini and aid with meditation and expand your consciousness. Μost people prefer to keep it next to their bed or under a pillow as it works best near your Crown Chakra. Aragonite emits a warm, calm and peaceful energy, which helps to prepare for meditation. If you feel you need to be centred, or have blockages in your chakras, Aragonite is a must-have around your house.

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