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Bismuth Freeforms - Focus/Confidence

Bismuth Freeforms - Focus/Confidence

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Bismuth Freeform

Pronunciation: Bis-mut

Chakras: All

Zodiac: All

Element: Air

Planet: Neptune

Bismuth has been around for thousands of years even though it tends to be confused with lead. In its natural state, it is a silvery and iridescent white but pure Bismuth is quite rare. Most often it is found in rainbow coloured formations which are the result of lead, copper, tin, silver and gold. Most deposits of Bismuth have been found in Bolivia. While it isn’t considered a toxic metal, it is best to wash your hands thoroughly after handling Bismuth. This is a great stone to use for concentration and focus and will dispel anxious thoughts and feelings of isolation or helplessness. The rainbow colours of Bismuth are a protective shield from unnecessary stress, toxic people and self-doubt. Great to use for astral travel and to communicate with spirit guides.

The square-like looking Bismuth crystals are man made formations, made from pure Bismuth. It is an easy process, the heating and then cooling of Bismuth makes it get the rainbow colours.

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