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Meteorite Pallasite Pendant 'Jupiter'

Meteorite Pallasite Pendant 'Jupiter'

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Meteorite Pallasite Pendants

Pronunciation: Me-te-o-ryte Pa-la-syte

Chakras: Heart, Third Eye

Zodiac: All

Element: Fire

Planet: Mars, Jupiter

Materials: Silver 

Pallasite Meteorite pieces come from bits of debris from an Asteroid, likely from the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, that were broken off by impact before being fully formed. The result is that the fragments of this Meteorite, which can be found in Russia, are very attractive and unique. The energy of Pallasite is grounding and stabilizing especially for empaths and introverts. These stones work to increase energy, facilitate other worldly connection, elevate a person’s sense of oneness with the Universe, and assist with the process of manifesting ideas in to reality. Use Pallasite to work on stabilizing your emotions, when processing grief, and to protect yourself from unwanted energy.

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