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Polychrome Jasper Spheres - Grounding/Balancing

Polychrome Jasper Spheres - Grounding/Balancing

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Polychrome Jasper Spheres

Pronunciation: Po-li-kro-me Jas-per

Chakras: Root

Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Element: Fire

Planet: Jupiter

Size: 8cm, intuitively chosen.

One of the rare types of Jasper, together with Teal and Blue coloured varieties, this wonderful stone is found in Madagascar. You may also find it mentioned as Desert Jasper! The patterns on the surface of the stone are often circular while the colours follow earthy tones like brown, orange, and greyish green with spots of pale red and blue. It symbolizes passion, vitality and enthusiasm and has a strong connection to the fire element. As such it is a perfect stone for Fire signs, like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. By welcoming the properties of Polychrome Jasper during your daily meditation, you will achieve grounding, emotional stability and feel connected to the world around you and Mother Earth. This is also a great stone to use when looking to enhance your creativity and tap into your imagination with new projects. The connection to the Root Chakra will support, stabilize and balance your energy centres and provide a sense of calm and belonging that is much needed in the modern world. 

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