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Mexican Crazy Lace Agate Towers - Grounding/Enlightenment

Mexican Crazy Lace Agate Towers - Grounding/Enlightenment

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Mexican Crazy Lace Agate Towers

Pronunciation: Mex-i-kan Cray-ze lay-s A-gate

Chakras: Crown and Third Eye

Zodiac: Gemini

Element: Earth

Planet: Earth

Origin: Mexico

Mexican Crazy Lace Agate is an enchanting crystal associated with laughter, joy and happiness. Agates are found all around the world but this specific variety is unique to an area in Northern Mexico called Chihuahua. Intricate patterns of red, grey and orange form on the surface of the stone. Historically, it was used by ancient civilizations for protection and worn as an amulet. However, it is a young mineral in comparison to other healing stones and relatively unknown to the global market. With its strong connection to the Earth element, Crazy Lace Agate enhances grounding energy, providing stability and support. It has gentle and soothing vibrations that will not overwhelm novice crystal users and brings a sense of optimism and harmony to the wearer. This crystal is associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras - that highlight spiritual awakening, foresight and enlightenment.

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