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Rainbow Obsidian Tumblestones - Protection/Emotional Support

Rainbow Obsidian Tumblestones - Protection/Emotional Support

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Rainbow Obsidian Tumblestones

Pronunciation: Rayn-Bo Ob-sid-ian

Chakras: Root and Solar Plexus

Birthstone: October and November

Zodiac: Sagittarius and Scorpio

Element: Fire, Earth and Water

Quality Grade: 1st Grade

Rainbow Obsidian has a very similar energy like Black Obsidian. They can be a deeply overwhelming stone that requires respect and care. It creates a strong connection to your root chakra and is great for protection against psychic attacks and negativity. Rainbow Obsidian can appear deep black in colour, but when the light hits the stone you will see beautiful rainbow colours appearing.  Obsidian is found all around the world and formed from quickly cooled lava. It has powerful metaphysical properties that aid communication with the spirit world and can reveal emotional blockages and lies that are holding you back. Obsidian can also help you process grief and allow you to start the healing process with more clarity. As a highly protective stone, it will clean and remove negative energy and ground yourself as it resonates strongly with your root chakra.

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