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Tigers Eye Palm/Soap Stones - Confidence/Energizing

Tigers Eye Palm/Soap Stones - Confidence/Energizing

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Tigers Eye Palm, Worry and Soap Stones

Pronunciation: Ty-gers I

Chakras: Sacral and Solar Plexus

Birthstone: Gemini

Zodiac: Capricorn

Element: Fire and Earth

Planet: Sun

Origin: South Africa

Grade: AAA

Tigers Eye is a powerful gemstone in reddish brown colours with streaks of golden yellow running through it that will energize and instil confidence to whomever uses it. Found mostly in South Africa, you can also source Tigers Eye from certain parts of India, Brazil and Western Australia. With high vibrations and a strong connection to the Solar Plexus Chakra, Tigers Eye is a great protecting stone that will assist you with mental clarity and resolving past issues free of judgment and allow you to accomplish your goals. In Eastern cultures the tiger is known to be more powerful and stronger than the lion. They call tigers the ‘king of the beast’. It is also known that it was a prized gem in Egypt for its colours that looked like trapped sunrays within the eye of the beast. The fiery golden colour brings balances your emotional body bringing harmony to the feminine and masculine energies within you and a sense of purpose and courage. Placing the stone near your Sacral Chakra will release tension and be helpful for dispelling fear and anxiety, promoting a clear mind for creativity.

Palm Stone vs Soap Stone:

Palm stone are oval shape you may find this shape feels nicer in your palms for mediation.

Soap Stones are rectangle shape, we recommend to use soap stones for massages. They are easier to hold during massages.

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