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White Quartz Geode - Healing/Wisdom

White Quartz Geode - Healing/Wisdom

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White Quartz Geode Pairs

Pronunciation: Why-te Q-warts

Chakras: Crown

Zodiac: Capricorn

Element: Water

Origin: Morocco

Intuitively Chosen

White Quartz is also known as “White Wisdom” and you will also find it mentioned as “Milky Quartz” or “Snow Quartz”. The milky appearance is due to deposits of unsolidified Quartz within the crystal and the white and icy texture has strong links to purity and innocence. Waxy in texture this crystal is recommended to activate your Crown Chakra when you’re in need of spiritual healing. White Quartz purifies and harmonises negative energy and controls overflowing thoughts and emotional outbursts - Ideal for people who are highly strung this gem will aid in a better sense of wellbeing. Inclusions in the crystal interfere with the growth; they are usually twinned and sometimes also distorted, giving it a dull but interesting surface to look at. White Quartz connects us to our spirit and the universe and allows us to shed judgment and look at the world rationally and objectively. If you are finding it hard to balance strong emotions in your daily life and need to settle your anxiety, then White Quartz will make an excellent companion. Legend says that gold prospectors would keep their eyes peeled for White Quarts, as they knew that the gold, they so desired would often be found attached to it or nearby.  

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