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 Gemini zodiac sign

Gemini signs tend to be very charismatic and have a way of making everyone feel comfortable. They are often the ones to make people laugh in a conversation and don’t shy away from inappropriate or taboo topics. The fastest way to annoy a Gemini is to tell them they are “boring” since they crave novelty and love making a fool of themselves especially when they play devil’s advocate. One downside to that can be their inability to have serious conversations about a topic without making a joke. Geminis process logical conversations much better, so it is often best to keep heavy emotions for private moments when it is more likely to get a serious answer. When looking for the best healing stones of Gemini, some options are better than others to support and stabilize their energy. Let’s explore some of the best healing crystals for Gemini. 


Characteristics of Gemini - Strengths and Weaknesses  

Date Duration: May 21st - June 20th 

Air element sign

Symbol: Twins 

Element: Air 

Modality: Mutable 

Planetary Ruler: Mercury 

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis have an innate curiosity to explore, discuss and discover the truth - or your darkest secrets! While they share a planet with Virgo, these two signs process information much differently. Whereas Virgo needs time to process internally and can often appear judgmental, Gemini’s charm has a way of turning even the most awkward conversations around and wants to share their findings with everyone. Their love for communication extends to all areas of life, which is why they are often involved with hobbies that allow them to externalize their emotions and perceptions, like art and music. They are also highly intelligent and have a vast variety of topics that interest them. That means they are great to bring at pub quiz nights! When it comes to their weaknesses, Geminis can often appear impulsive or unreliable since they have a deep need for variety and crave freedom. As a mutable sign that can adapt easily to new environments, this may brand them as inconsistent while that isn’t always true. 

Top Picks for Gemini Crystals

Lemurian Seed PointsLemurian seed points  

Titanium Aura ChipsTitanium Aura Chips

Mookaite Pyramids Mookaite Pyramids

What is the Gemini Birthstone? 

Apricot Agate 

Gemini has a variety of stones that respond well to its particular needs. Apricot 

Apricot Agate tumbles

Agate is one particularly great option for the 3rd zodiac sign. Geminis need stones that can support the dual nature of their being and offer a supportive and well-balanced environment that doesn’t restrain their creativity and intellectual pursuits. Apricot Agate will purify your space and create calmness and familiarity so you feel secure and supported. It is great at boosting self-esteem and is associated with the Crown and Heart Chakras. 


Best Healing Crystals for Gemini 

Blue Howlite 

Blue stones like Blue Howlite are often found pretty high on the list of best 

Blue howlite tumbles

healing crystals for Gemini since they enhance self-expression and communication. Geminis love to share ideas and thoughts with friends, so when their chakras are unbalanced it can be hard to recover their voice and find emotional balance. Blue Howlite will balance your spiritual centre and help you relax at night when anxiety can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. 

*Read more on crystals for Anxiety and Stress


Green Agate 

A Heart Chakra stone with a strong connection to the earth element, this green 

Green agate tumblestones

coloured crystal was used by ancient civilizations to ward off curses. Just like Apricot Agate - the Gemini birthstone - Green Agate is amazing at drawing your focus back on earth and keeping you grounded. Green Agate is also associated with prosperity and manifesting abundance and wealth. 


Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz is one of the most versatile crystals, which matches the 

Clear Quartz Tumblestones

multitalented nature of Gemini. Natural chameleons, Geminis can benefit greatly from the clarity of thought that Clear Quartz offers. Clear Quartz is a must-have around the house to get rid of toxic thoughts and negativity and create space for creativity to bloom. 



One of the best crystals for Geminis, Citrine brings joy and enthusiasm to your 

Natural citrine

life and boosts confidence. Linked to the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, this is a great stone to use when you are working on a new project and want to manifest success and abundance in your life. With Citrine by your side, obstacles no longer feel insurmountable. Citrine creates a protective shield filled with optimism and motivates you to follow your dreams. 


White Howlite 

Just like Blue Howlite, this is a great stone for Gemini. White Howlite vibrates 

White howlite towers

strongly to the Crown Chakra, which symbolizes your spiritual awakening, potential higher consciousness. White Howlite aids in memory recall and stimulates the curious nature of Gemini for knowledge and learning. A great crystal to keep near your bed if you are feeling burnout or find it difficult to focus. White Howlite will settle restless minds and spread calm and warm energy so you can achieve restful sleep


Moss Agate 

Moss Agate is one of the best crystals for Gemini. The connection to the earth

Moss agate tower

element makes this a particularly strong grounding stone that will make you feel secure and safe in your environment. Moss Agate has beautiful patterns that are mostly green and gold in colour and moss-like patterns that have given it its name. This crystal symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts and aids in manifesting abundance and wealth. 


Black Onyx 

For all their positive traits, Geminis also have their share of negatives. Their dual

Black Onyx tumbles

nature, which is symbolized by the twin, can often become superficial or shallow and lead to miscommunications or lost opportunities. Black Onyx is a great crystal for Gemini that encourages them to delve beneath the surface and not rush to quick conclusions. This is a powerful crystal used by ancient civilizations that will allow you to face your fears, and provide the physical and mental strength you need to succeed.


Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is another crystal that is considered a Gemini birthstone and

Tigers eye chips

is linked to the earth and fire elements. It is a powerful protective stone that enhances integrity and mental clarity and is linked to wisdom and good judgment. Found mostly in South Africa, the colours of this stone - golden yellow with black stripes - resemble the pupil of a tiger’s eye. Tiger’s Eye vibrates to the Solar Plexus, which is the centre of self-control, determination and willpower. A great crystal to promote practical thinking and achieve emotional balance. 


Angel Aura 

Angel Aura is all about embracing the variety and changing nature of Gemini. It

Angel Aura Towers

is one of the crystals with the highest vibrations and an excellent option for deep meditation work or spiritual awakening. The angelic qualities of this crystal invite you to explore your connection to the Divine and make you feel lighter and at peace with your thoughts. 


Leopard Skin Jasper 

Leopard Skin Jasper is attuned to the Heart, Sacral and Root Chakras and is a

Leopard skin jasper tumbles

great crystal for Gemini and Scorpio signs. The connection to the Fire element brings passion and creativity but is also incredibly nurturing at the same time. A great crystal for travelers and anxious souls, Leopard Skin Jasper will support and balance your energy and provide grounding in times when everything seems unsteady. 


Want a Gemini crystal set? 

A perfect gift for yourself or your favourite Gemini. This Gemini crystal set has

Gemini Zodiac crystal and candle set

been put together to highlight the unique characteristics of this zodiac sign and enhance Gemini energy. It features 7 carefully selected healing crystals that complement the fun-loving, playful and restless nature of the 3rd zodiac sign. Enjoy the combined benefits of Blue Howlite, Green Agate, Clear Quartz, Citrine, White Howlite, Black Onyx and Leopard Skin Jasper with this wonderful Gemini crystal set. 

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us for free crystal advice! 

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz 
 Love & Light, Laura

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