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Crystal Set for Healers

Crystal Set for Healers

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The Perfect Crystal Set For Healers

This set is curated to protect, balance, cleanse and stimulate higher consciousness for healers. Use this for yourself or when working with your clients and for yourself during your own practices. This set is great for both beginners and well as experienced healers.

Crystals: Blue Topaz, Tourmaline, Labradorite, Zeolite, Selenite

Sage: White Sage

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is an excellent crystal for healers because it helps to clear the lines of communication between you and the people you work with. Use it in your work to help to magnify your psychic abilities and gifts, particularly as it relates to following your own inner guidance.


Tourmaline offers psychic protection while keeping the auric field clear. Keep the bad vibes away by carrying this stone with you while at work and meditate with your Tourmaline following a healing session or shift at work.


Labradorite is an extra special crystal for healers. This powerful gem offers protection by creating a force field throughout the aura to shield your energies within. It can prevent others from plugging into your energy field and draining you as you do your work. It can also help to boost your spiritual gifts and abilities.


Zeolite is a crystal that on a subtle level works to eliminate negative energy from your life and invite more happiness. It is a must-have crystal for healers who work on an energetic level. Zeolite would make an excellent companion as you grow in your skills.


Work with Selenite to observe the energetic shifts it creates for you. This may help you elevate your conscious awareness, clear up energetic stagnation, rejuvenate your spirit and leave you feeling energetically light. You can also use Selenite to quickly cleanse your auric field and break up negative energies as needed.

White Sage

To reset the energy in your space. This is an essential tool to help clear out residual energy from your working space, making the room ready to go for your next appointment.

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