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Crystal Advent Calendar 2022

Crystal Advent Calendar 2022

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Crystal 12-Day Advent Calendar 2022

End the year with the best version of yourself, while adding sparkle to the Christmas countdown, with this beautiful and unique crystal advent calendar!

Limited stock available, so be sure to snap one up now!

*FAQ: Is it possible to request a 'shared' advent calendar? 

-YES! Let's say if you have two kids and like to purchase 1 calendar for the both of them, please contact us at and we can discuss options. You may want to stick to the £125,- budget so we will add smaller items in. 

What is in it?

Our standard version has a minimum of 15 crystals in there plus a mystery crystal chip bag. The total worth of the calendar will be £200+

***Please note: the mystery advent calendar will not come with product descriptions due to the nature of being a 'mystery calendar' and each calendar is unique*** 

If you do wish to receive product descriptions for each crystal please select as extra and add to cart. Alternatively feel free to email with a picture of what you have received and we will identify the crystals for you.

Here is an example of how it could look like.

1x Tower

1x Shiva Heart

1x Crystal Heart

1x Cube

2x Mystery Mini Shape

1x Mini Mushroom

1x Palm or Worry Stone

1x Mystery Chip Bag

2x Spheres

3x XXL Tumblestone

3x Rough Pieces

Prefer a custom calendar with luxury crystals such as Moldavite or jewellery?

That is possible from £125,-! 

*Please select the custom option and pay the down payment £125,- 

Please follow your order up with an email to with your name and order number and we will be in touch.

Depending on the items you choose the total amount of the calendar will be discussed. The £125,- down payment will be taken off the total bill. 

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Charity Support

£1 of every sale will be donated to Centre for Mental Health via Work for Good

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