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Aquamarine Rough Pieces - Emotional Healing/Intuition

Aquamarine Rough Pieces - Emotional Healing/Intuition

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Aquamarine Rough Pieces (have some inclusions such as mica)

Pronunciation: A-kwa-Mar-rine

Chakras: Throat

Birthstone: October - Scorpio

Zodiac: Scorpio

Element: Water

Planet: Mars and Pluto

Aquamarine is a type of Beryl, one of the most important and popular gem minerals. As the name implies, it is pale blue and turquoise in colour, with the rarest and most expensive stones being the darker ones. Its energy is water-like, smooth, flowing and energizing, able to heal the connections between your chakras and show you new ways of seeing and perceiving.

Aquamarine has powerful healing properties and is a great companion during times of stress and heavy emotional burden, it helps balancing emotional excessive outbursts, also for children. It can wash away the troubles and worries of a heavy mind like no other. Similar to the Moonstone, Aquamarine is connected to the Divine Feminine and will help you connect with your intuition and get in touch with suppressed emotions. As a Throat Chakra stone, Aquamarine will support you in telling the truth and expressing yourself clearly. Keep Aquamarine close to your Throat Chakra area and watch as communication starts to flow easier with others. . For those who travel, it is a stone that offers protection and guidance.

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