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Black Tourmaline Orgone - Flower of Life

Black Tourmaline Orgone - Flower of Life

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Black Tourmaline Orgone Device Flower of Life

Pronunciation: Black Toor-ma-leen

Chakras: Root

Birthstone: October

Zodiac: Capricorn, Sagittarius and Libra

Element: Earth

Planet: Sun

Origin: Brazil

Black Tourmaline is the ultimate protection stone that is ideal for purification and can get rid of negative energy in or around you. This beautiful stone can not only cleanse your body of toxic thoughts associated with your insecurities or feelings of unworthiness but will also turn these vibrations into positive and nurturing energy for your soul. Black tourmaline was known as schorl since before the 1400's from the German village where it was found in. Nowadays, it can be found all around the world.

Black Tourmaline is deeply connected to the base chakras, those earthly roots that help you feel safe and secure in your place upon this earth. When your Root Chakra is balanced you get that deep-seated self-confidence and are able to embrace who you are, speak your truth, and set upon your path to spiritual healing. We recommend Black Tourmaline as a daily companion that you can keep in your pocket, your car, or wear it as jewelry, creating your very own cloak of protection. As well as healing and protecting the physical body, Black Tourmaline blocks electromagnetic waves from mobiles, laptops, televisions, and all other small electronics. For daily use, you can bathe your crystal in water to release negative energy stored inside but it may also be good to do a deeper cleanse if you have used it around high electrical energy or very negative people.

Orgone Energy Devices

Orgone isn’t so much a shape as it is method for managing the energy of certain crystals. Orgone Energy is comparable to what the yogis call Prana and traditional Chinese culture refers to as Chi. It’s a life-force energy that is believed to exist in-and-around everything at all times. Orgone crystals are designed to manipulate Orgone Energy to promote healing.

Making Orgone Energy Devices involves the infusion of resin with a mixture of quartz crystals and metal shavings. These devices can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the intention behind the device. Although the intention behind all Orgone Energy Crystals is about shifting negative energy to positive energy, the shapes you choose and how you use these stones can play a role in what sort of energy is shifted. Like all crystals, you can use your Orgone Energy Devices in meditation, for manifestation, as decoration, under your pillow at night, or however you prefer.

Since Orgone Energy Crystals are man-made, it’s important to choose a trustworthy retailer when purchasing them. Poorly made Orgone Crystals won’t have the same powerful effect as those that are made more skillfully.

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