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Crystal Chakra Kit for Energy Detox

Crystal Chakra Kit for Energy Detox

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Chakra Kit For Energy Detox

This Detox Chakra Kit is an incredible set to protect your Chakras and get rid of old and negative energies. A great kit when you are going through emotional challenging times but also when you simply feel you want to reset your Chakra energies and start with a new energy balance.

Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra

Clear Quartz is a master energy regulator. Using Clear Quartz on your Crown Chakra in combination with other crystals also amplifies the energies streaming upwards from the other crystals. Using Clear Quartz in this set, will be amazing for detoxing your aura. 

Pink Moonstone - Third Eye Chakra

This ‘stone of psychics’ is a Chakra opener towards spirituality. It has a strong connection to your divine femine energy as well and helps to soften and get rid of negative energies. The stripes in Pink Moonstone are Hematite, which is another stone that is a negativity detoxer as well. 

Sodalite - Throat Chakra

Sodalite has very high vibrations which are promoters of higher consciousness, rational thinking and clear communication. The creative and true vision vibrations help to balance and detox your energy and aura.

Green Agate - Heart Chakra

Green Agate balances your emotions and concentration. This crystal helps you to better understand yourself and others as well. 

Citrine - Solar Plexus Chakra

Citrine helps you detoxify and eliminate self-doubt and self-negativity. This gem has the positive properties of joy, confidence and creativity. Citrine is used to manifest abundance and prosperity as well.

Red Jasper - Sacral Chakra

This ‘supreme nurturer’ has strong abilities that can heal and detox. In native cultures it was used during purifying and cleansing rituals as well. Red Jasper is also a protector against EMF and negative energy.

Black Onyx - Root Chakra

The stone of ‘facing your own fears’ is a strong detoxing crystal. It provides strength, physically and emotionally and drains away any negativity. Black Onyx is also a shield against EMF. 

There are various ways to use this set for your Chakras. You can place every crystal on the right Chakra to create strong vibrations throughout your body. Or when you feel a blockage in a particular Chakra you can only use a single crystal on that specific Chakra.

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