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Elestial Amethyst Rough Pieces - Higher Connections

Elestial Amethyst Rough Pieces - Higher Connections

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Elestial Amethyst Rough Pieces

Pronunciation: E-les-ti-al A-muh-tist

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Zodiac: All

Element: Air

Planet: Uranus

Elestial Amethyst is a very rare stone to hold on to that should be treasured. The intricate “etching” patterns found on Elestial crystals creates a tactile roadmap that you can use to connect and understand higher realms during meditation. This is a perfect crystal for grounding work, regulating energy and reaching altered states of consciousness.

By combining the soothing properties of Amethyst, this is a stone that represents hope, love and open communication. It can strengthen your self-will and bring you in touch with your inner wisdom. Once you start working with Elestial Amethyst, emotional wounds of the past may come to the surface and require a closer look so they can be dealt with. This stone resonates strongly with the Crown Chakra and can alleviate feelings of indecisiveness and apathy. Let the energy of Elestial Amethyst wash away your fears and negative energies and transform them into positives.

Our crystal are sold per one piece. These beauties are intuitively chosen.

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