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Fire and Ice Quartz Slabs - Balance/Deep Healing

Fire and Ice Quartz Slabs - Balance/Deep Healing

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Fire and Ice Quartz Freeform Slabs

Pronunciation: Fi-re and I-ce -Kwa-rts

Chakras: Third Eye and Crown

Zodiac: All

Element: Water

Planet: Saturn

Origin: Brazil

Searching for a true gem that will spread positive, loving vibrations? Fire and Ice Quartz is for you. Also known as Rainbow Quartz or Crackle Quartz this crystal combines the power of fire and ice and promotes personal growth and self-fulfillment. That polarity allows it to act as an energy amplifier and embrace both the light and dark sides of yourself. Fire and Ice Quartz is one of the best crystals for manifestation work and empowerment. Use it to activate and apply the law of attraction and bring more of the things you seek into your life. As a Quartz stone, it will help heal, nourish, cleanse and align your chakras so that the flow of energy can flow through without blockages. This is a magical crystal with an intense but soft vibration that can also be used for controlling impulses and shedding negative traits from your routine. Will allow you to overcome negativity and find deep inner healing. 

*The Slabs will be intuitively chosen

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