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K2 Chips - Wisdom/Higher Consciousness

K2 Chips - Wisdom/Higher Consciousness

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K2 Chips (20 Grams)

Pronunciation: Kay two

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye and Throat

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Element: Earth and Air

Planet: Neptune

Hiking and nature enthusiasts will recognize the name K2 as that of the second-highest mountain in the world. This is where this alluring stone is found, in the borders between China and Pakistan. Due to its unique location, mining K2 is a demanding and complex process. The mountainous area is thick with snow and the high altitude and unique geological formation that includes granite, azurite or malachite contribute to the rarity of it. K2 is rugged but soft, with a pale white base, but spots of grey, blue or green, resembling the combination of snow, sky and nature. K2 vibrates strongly to the Third Eye, Crown and Throat and is considered a stone of wisdom, knowledge and higher consciousness. This is a great stone to use during deep meditation and psychic work to enhance your intuition and allow you to make connections and find your true purpose.

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