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Larvikite Worry Stones - Inner peace/Higher Consciousness

Larvikite Worry Stones - Inner peace/Higher Consciousness

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Larvikite Worry Stones

Pronunciation: Lar-vi-ky-te

Chakras: Root and Sacral

Zodiac: Aquarius

Element: Earth

Planet: Mercury

If you have ever wondered where the mineral Larvikite AKA Lavakite comes from, you're not alone! In 1884 it was discovered in a town in Norway called Larvik. It is believed this stone was formed 298 million years ago. Larvikite is naturally rich in titanium and is a family member of the feldspar minerals. Larvikite is a deep black stone that sparks imagination and creative ideas. It comes from crystallized magma, and is associated with the energies of the Earth's ancient past. Being a powerful meditation stone, Larvikite has the ability to quicken the mind and explore one's deep self and strengthening the auric field. The emotional properties that help those dealing with negative emotions and traumatic experiences find closure. It helps you let go of past pain, allowing you to explore and experience new realms at your own pace. Larvikite also boosts to sharpen your mind, manage thoughts, find inner-peace and interpret messages from the universe in a clearer manner. Combine Larvikite with Red Jasper for unbelievably strong rooting, protecting and grounding energies, we recommend to carry them with you! If you are after dealing with emotional trauma pair this crystal with Darwin Glass. Both of these providing the soothing energies you need.

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