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Lepidolite Chips - Anxiety/Harmony

Lepidolite Chips - Anxiety/Harmony

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Lepidolite Chips (20 Grams)

Pronunciation: Le-pi-do-lyte

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Zodiac: Libra, Capricorn

Element: Water

Planet: Saturn

This purple-hued stone is a unique and powerful crystal. It has been mined extensively due to the presence of lithium that is used in a lot of medication used to treat depression and other obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders. Lepidolite is an excellent stone for those suffering from sleep disorders, or overactive minds and will spread positive vibrations and guard against nightmares or insomnia. Place it under your pillow or meditate with a piece of Lepidolite and feel the stress and worry of the day disappear. It vibrates strongly with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra and can heighten your connection to the universe and spiritual awareness. Lepidolite is also an excellent stone to protect against EMF pollution and can be placed near your workstation or other small electronic devices. It is one of the best stones to combat stress, anxiety and clear blockages that are creating unwanted tension.

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