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Moldavite Pendant 'Ohm' - The Stone of Transformation

Moldavite Pendant 'Ohm' - The Stone of Transformation

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Moldavite Pendant

Pronunciation: Mol-da-vyte

Chakras: All

Zodiac: All

Element: Earth

Planets: All

Origin: Czech Republic

Mineral Group: Tektite

Mineral Category: Silica

Mohs Scale Hardness: 5.5 to 7

Colours: Green

Mineral System: Amorphous

Cleavage: None

Formula: SiO2(+Al2O3)

Keywords: Transformation, Clarity, Purpose

Size: Moldavite 5mm

Materials: Silver with Rhodium Plated

Moldavite AKA Vltavin is a tektite, meaning "terrestrial debris" that found its way on earth after a meteoric explosion into the earth about 15 million years ago at the the Nördlinger Ries Crater. The gorgeous texture of Moldavite is a result of pervasive etching by naturally occurring CO2 and humic acids present in groundwater.

In recent years, Moldavite has exploded in popularity, due to its transformational power to change your life, attitude and habits. This contributes to its rarity and is one of the hardest healing stones to source currently as the strewn fields are getting depleted.

Spiritually known as the ‘The stone of transformation’ Moldavite is a stone that finds you when you are ready for the next step in your life's journey.

The spiritual vibration and energy frequency of Moldavite is almost too powerful for certain individuals - especially for those new to crystal healing. It takes away ‘the dead weight’ in your life which in itself can be a bit of a rollercoaster journey.

This tektite drives you to dive deep within yourself and affords you the clarity to observe with clarity and purpose. The barriers that are keeping you from fulfilling your purpose are lifted or seen from new perspectives.

Pair Moldavite with Libyan Desert Glass and/or Herkimer Diamonds for aligning the Moldavite powers. If Moldavite feels to strong we love to combine it with Ocean Jasper or its earthly brother Obsidian. To empower and boost the transformation energies, combine Moldavite with Serpentine.


*We are able to get a piece certified by a UK gemmologist if you wish. As this is a on-demand service we can offer you. The prices per piece are from £250,- non-refundable. Please contact for enquiries. 

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 *We have more photo's and video's of each piece available, feel free to email or DM on social media if you like to see your favorite pieces from more angles! 

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