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The Perfect Set for Focus

The Perfect Set for Focus

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The Perfect Set For Focus

Focus, something we all want at all times! But we both know that isn’t happening, sometimes we need those extra tools to help us with focus and this set just does that!

Blue Tigers Eye

Blue Tiger Eye is a balancing Yin and Yang healing stone for mind and body and is also known as the stone of good luck and good fortune. Blue Tiger eye will allow you to open up your Throat and Heart Chakras to motivate your self-expression, self-love and clear vision of your own path in life. And aids communication, clear thoughts and can direct your brain to focus on what has to be done.

Brecciated Jasper

The combination of Red Jasper and Hematite provide emotional stability and strength as well as mental clarity and vitality. Deeply stimulating towards your Root and Sacral Chakras you will find Brecciated Jasper a very grounding and calming stone to keep with you that will help you focus on the positive aspects of life.


When you feel out of balance or ‘something doesn’t feel right’ from within, Heliotrope can help you ground and balance your chakra energies. Heliotrope is a bit of an overachiever, it enhances positivity, creativity and focus as well.

Yellow Aventurine

Yellow Aventurine is a strong crystal filled with positivity and energy. It strengthens your nerves and mind and is often used in meditation to filter out distractions and focus on your self-worth and self-esteem. Yellow Aventurine raises your focus and energy plus it draws out the negativity in your body.

Zebra Agate

Zebra Agate with you will help to increase energy, confidence and is emotionally balancing. Zebra Agate is great if you need an extra push for creativity, grounding and clear thinking as well. It also has a very air-like feel to it when meditating, while it also provides grounding, focus and concentration.

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