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Pink Amethyst Towers - Self-Belief/Comfort

Pink Amethyst Towers - Self-Belief/Comfort

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Pink Amethyst Towers

Pronunciation: Pink A-mu-tist

Chakras: Crown, Third eye and Heart

Zodiac: All

Element: Water

Planet: Moon

Origin: Patagonia

Soft, warm and nurturing, Pink Amethyst is one of the rarest crystals to add to your collection and offers a completely different experience from its sibling, the classic purple-coloured Amethyst. The colour can range from a light pink hue to a soft peachy tone and is the result of Hematite inclusions in the rock. Best used for cleansing, recharging and balancing your energy centres and particularly useful in times of mental stress and heavy emotional burdens. Pink Amethyst stimulates the Heart Chakra as well as the Third Eye and Crown. As you meditate with it, it will spread its healing vibrations allowing you to overcome grief and negative self-beliefs. It is also linked to heightened intuition, security, clarity and strength. Place over your Heart Chakra to unleash past trauma and practice gratitude and forgiveness towards others and yourself. 

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