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Pink Angel Aura Spheres - Clear Vision/Healing

Pink Angel Aura Spheres - Clear Vision/Healing

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Pink Angel Aura Spheres

Pronunciation: Pink An-gel Ora

Chakras: Heart

Zodiac: All

Element: Air

Planet: Venus

Pink Angel Aura is a high but soft vibration crystal that is deeply attached to the Hearth Chakra. Meditating with Pink Angel Aura brings self-love, harmony, and peace within yourself. Its vibrations are believed to be connected to the angelic realms so when you feel like you are on a crossroad and don’t know which direction you need to follow, carrying or meditating with Pink Angel Aura can give you clear vision and help guide you in the right direction. Pink Angel Aura is made with a special processing of clear quartz and platinum (highest vibration crystal) and this combination makes all Angel Aura Quartz crystals master healers.

Many people experience a deep bond with this crystal, it is therefore recommended to take special care of this beautiful gem and use it regularly.  

Our crystals are sold per one piece.

The current sizes available are too small for our sphere stands.

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