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Ruby in Matrix Dragon Eggs - Protection/Confidence

Ruby in Matrix Dragon Eggs - Protection/Confidence

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Ruby in Matrix Dragon Eggs

Pronunciation: Ru-bee in Ma-triks

Chakras: Root and Heart

Birthstone: July

Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun

This precious red and green gem is characterized by magic, mystery and sexual power. Found in many countries across the world since the beginning of time, India is known to produce the best quality rubies. For centuries, pure rubies have been mined, collected, traded, treasured and used in fashion, and are considered one of the four rarest stones in the world.

The combination with Matrix boosts Ruby's passion and vitality energies. These dragon eggs are great to have if you feel the need for an extra boost for your own sensuality. 

Known as a protective stone, the high vibrations of ruby in Matrix will bring vitality, happiness and passion into your life and shield you from negativity and toxic thoughts. When you own and use a piece of Ruby crystal you are protecting yourself and your future happiness and invite sensuality and, spiritual energy into your life. Using Ruby in Matrix during meditation stimulates the Heart Chakra imparting spiritual wisdom, shielding you from psychic attack and balances the Root Chakra reminding you to anchor yourself back to earth. Rubies have also been known to install confidence, remove negative dreams and aids in retaining wealth.


These dragon eggs are 35-45 mm in size.

Please be mindful that these are natural products, they each have their own look and might slightly vary from the pictures.

All our crystals are sold per one piece.

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