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Sunstone Worry Stones - Abundance/Independence

Sunstone Worry Stones - Abundance/Independence

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Sunstone Worry Stones

Pronunciation: Sun-stone

Chakras: Sacral

Zodiac: Virgo

Element: Fire

Planet: Venus

Quality: B grade

Sunstone is most often associated with independence, abundance and originality. It carries a warm and bright light with beautiful reflections of peachy orange, pink, red but also more earthy tones like ashy brown, green and grey. Sunstone is mentioned in myths and legends of many civilizations. The Ancient Greeks connected it to the sun god Helios but it also played a role as a navigation instrument for the Vikings later on. This precious stone has a strong connection to the Sacral Chakra - a centre of feminine energy, emotional balance and pleasure. It can help you reconnect with your inner child and bring confidence and enthusiasm into your life. Sunstone is a great stone to meditate with if you are looking to reconnect with your sensual self.

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