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White Howlite Cubes - Protection/Calming

White Howlite Cubes - Protection/Calming

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White Howlite Cubes

Pronunciation: Why-te How-lit

Chakras: Crown and Throat

Zodiac: Gemini

Element: Air

Origin: USA

Discovered in Canada, White Howlite helps to aid emotional healing by releasing blockages, eliminating anger, pain and stress, and allowing for creative expression. Known as a ‘guardian stone’ it reduces selfish tendencies, teaching us patience and promotes drive and ambition. White Howlite is also referred to as White Turquoise for the stunning marble patterns that form on white stone but is softer than the more expensive Turquoise stone. The calming qualities of White Howlite make it an excellent companion for overactive minds seeking harmony and enlightenment. Students, or those involved in creative work will find the vibrations of the stone strengthen memory recall and stimulate desire for knowledge and learning. Working with White Howlite during meditation, the Crown and Throat Chakras cleanses the auras, aiding in communication with spirit guides and past life recall, as well as maximising energy flow. If you feel clouded by an overactive mind which affects your sleep and daily life, place White Howlite under your pillow to diffuse the negativity, calm and balance the energy.

*Please note they are not 100% 'perfect' cubes

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