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Zeolite/Stilbite Rough - Higher Consciousness/Healer Crystals

Zeolite/Stilbite Rough - Higher Consciousness/Healer Crystals

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Zeolite Rough Pieces

Pronunciation: Zee-O-Lyte

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Zodiac: All

Element: Water

Planet: Neptune

Origin: USA

Zeolite is a stone that can be found in large quantities in the western part of the United States, as well as Italy and Japan. Zeolites make up a group of silicate minerals whose crystalline structures are open, which make them a common choice for the creation of ion exchange resins, such as those that are used for water softening and water purification. Interestingly, it is believed that working with this stone can also help a person dispersing negative energy from the body. Additionally, these stones are excellent companions for Healers; Reiki practitioners as they have the ability to naturally aid the practitioner’s ability to work with energy and enhance their clients’ experience with such healing energies. For those who can read the Akashic records Zeolite is a must-have, it is believed the frequency of Zeolite is in touch with the records itself. This gem will link you to the higher realms and helps to open up all the channels. If you need help eliminating negative energy from your life and inviting in more happiness, this may be an excellent stone to add to your collection.

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