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Azurite Worry Stones - Communication/Concentration

Azurite Worry Stones - Communication/Concentration

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Azurite Worry Stones

Pronunciation: A-zu-ryte

Chakras: Third Eye, Throat

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Element: Air

Planet: Jupiter

Azurite the stone of enlightenment is a wonderful and powerful crystal, in ancient cultures it was often a sacred stone and honoured many goddesses. For example, Juterna the Roman Goddess of Brooks and Ponds, and Athena the Goddess of war and wisdom. You might find Azurite mixed with Malachite and even Copper, this combination honoured Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of life and Egyptian Mythology, she brings the divine feminine power. With its rich history of powers in many ancient cultures Azurite is still loved in the modern spiritual community. Very strongly connected to the Third Eye Chakra it is a must-have for healers, light workers, psychics, mediums and everyone that is working on their spirituality. Azurite is a channelling crystal, it strengthens the channels to your spirit guides, divine power, your insights, intuition and subconsciousness. The Native Americans also believed this to be the sacred stone to connect with their spiritual guides. We connect with many of the ancient cultures ideas of Azurite, the early Egyptians and Atlanteans used Azurite as a psychic stone, for the Mayans it was the stone of knowledge and wisdom. The Romans and the Greeks used Azurite for visionary insight. According to the ancient Chinese culture this was the Stone of Heaven as it opens the celestial gateways. Besides being the conductor to the higher powers, it is also a conductor towards ourselves. Azurite is connected to the Throat Chakra, mainly for its highly effective healing power to boost our honesty towards ourselves which in turn allows us to speak our truth, to stand up for ourselves and clear emotional blockages. Use Azurite for concentration and focus work. Worry and palm stones are especially effective during studying, exams, interviews, and public speaking. If you have Sagittarius in your zodiac chart (sun, moon or archetypes) Azurite is a great crystal to use for your self-control and self-confidence. To balance the high vibration of Azurite, combine this with grounding crystals such as Moss Agate, Mookaite and Obsidian.

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