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Blue Tiger Eye Palmstones - Balancing/Communication

Blue Tiger Eye Palmstones - Balancing/Communication

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Blue Tiger Eye Palmstone

Pronunciation: Blu Ti-ger I

Chakras: Throat and Heart

Zodiac: Pisces, Leo and Capricorn

Element: Air

Planet: Sun and Saturn

Origin: Brazil

Blue Tiger’s Eye is a rare and stunning version of the popular and much loved Tiger Eye stone. Tiger’s Eye is a Quartz based stone, that is also found in radiant red tones. This gem is a balancing Ying and Yang healing stone for mind and body and is also known as the stone of good luck and good fortune. Blue Tiger Eye balances the male and female energies, the heavy and the light vibrations and balances the under or over active Chakras.

A must-have crystal when you are meditating with crystals and loves to carry your crystals around with you. When you feel a bit drained or overwhelmed carry Blue Tiger Eye in your pocket or on your skin, it will help to ease and relax and overactive mind. Blue Tiger eye will allow you to open up your Throat and Heart Chakras to motivate your self-expression, self-love and clear vision of your own path in life. Another good property of Blue Tiger Eye is the ability to face fears and dare to take chances. A great stone to place in your work space to attract success and stability of work life.

Often used for men's jewellery, Blue Tiger's Eye emanates power, strength and stability. Writers, public speakers, or socially anxious individuals that wish they could speak up with confidence at work, will do well to keep a piece of Blue Tigers Eye on them or near their work station. Because of its link to the Throat Chakra, Blue Tiger Eye teaches you to be honest and authentic with your words and to stay true to your values. Also, this is a great crystal to revitalize sexual energy and get rid of sexual frustration.

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*Please note they are not all 'perfect' cubes*

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