Tali & Loz Wands Celestite Wands
Tali & Loz Wands Celestite Wands
Tali & Loz Wands Celestite Wands
Tali & Loz Wands Celestite Wands

Celestite Wands

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Pronunciation: Ce-le-stite

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Throat

Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Element: Air

Planet: Saturn

Origin: Madagascar

A gorgeous pale bluestone, with a strong connection to your Throat Chakra as well as the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. This is a powerfully spiritual stone that is used for dream recall and offers protection during altered stages and angelic visualizations.

Celestite also known as Celestine, has a strong connection to higher consciousness, the divine, and your guardian angels.

The massage wand is a wonderful tool for a holistic massage with the vibrations of the stone.

Its gorgeous pale blue colour gave it its Latin name ‘Caelertis’ meaning ‘of the sky’ and it was first found in Italy in the 18th century.  Strongly connected to the Crown Chakra it is a wonderful crystal to meditate with and to have next to your bed for peaceful sleep and as an aid to properly ‘digest’ the day whilst sleeping. This gem is a strong promoter of mindfulness, inner-peace, and the ability to understand yourself and the outside world at a higher level. Celestite has a connection to the Third Eye Chakra which helps to promote your energy flow of perception, imagination, and intuition.

You may also wish to use Celestite when connecting with your guardian angels. Celestite is one of the best stones to keep near your bed or under your pillow. Keep it on your desk or near your workplace to refresh the emotional energy present and remove fear, trepidation and self-doubt. If you are just starting with meditation work, this is a great stone to help keep your mind still and peaceful and make you feel protected.