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Tali & Loz Rough Stone Desert Rose - Calming/Intuition
Tali & Loz Rough Stone Desert Rose - Calming/Intuition
Tali & Loz Rough Stone Desert Rose

Desert Rose - Calming/Intuition

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Desert Rose

Pronunciation: De-sert Rose

Chakras: Heart and Third Eye

Zodiac: All

Element: Earth

Planet: Mars and Mercury

Desert rose is calming and warming crystal, a fantastic attribute to place around your house. It’s fascinating look is formed by a combination of mother nature’s forces water, wind and earth. In shallow salt basins in dry regions where the wind blows sand into the basins, the sand gets trapped in between the minerals, when they air becomes more dry and warm the evaporation starts which triggers the crystallisation of these minerals. Which forms this gorgeous rose like looking crystal.

Desert Rose is mainly found in the Sahara Desert in Africa, but deposits also have been found in Australia, Russia, Southwest of the USA, Spain and France. Desert Rose is also know as Baryte and is connected to your Heart and Third Eye Chakras, it’s vibration helps to increase the energy flows of perspective, self-awareness, foresight but also love, compassion and confidence. Desert Rose is also a calming and soothing piece for children, place a couple of them in their bedroom in a safe place of course to ease them and it helps them with peaceful nights.

*Please do not cleanse Desert Rose with water and/or salt, please cleanse with sage and moonlight ritual only.