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Green Fluorite Spheres - Clarity/Soothing

Green Fluorite Spheres - Clarity/Soothing

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Green Fluorite Spheres XL

Pronunciation: Gree-n Flu-o-ryte

Chakras: Third eye, Heart

Zodiac: Pisces, Aquarius

Element: Water

Planet:  Neptune

It is impossible to look at Green Fluorite and not be mesmerized by its deep green colour. Ranging from forest green to emerald and pastel aquamarine hues, this is a crystal treasured for its metaphysical properties and irresistible shape and colour. The Heart Chakra has a strong connection to most green stones, and Green Fluorite is no exception, with its impressively potent yet soft and luminous energy that travels straight to your core and spreads loving vibes.

As well as being a healing companion, Green Fluorite soothes the mind and resonates with the human psychic so that everything feels like a warm and calm embrace. It is known as the "Genius Stone" for the way it can open up higher states of consciousness and allow us to achieve mental clarity and deep insights. When you meditate with Green Fluorite, you can stretch the limits of your creativity and begin to approach situations from angles you hadn't considered up until now. 

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