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Meteorite Muonionalusta Pendant 'Freyja' - Divine Connections

Meteorite Muonionalusta Pendant 'Freyja' - Divine Connections

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Meteorite Muonionalusta Pendant

Pronunciation: Me-te-o-ryte Muo-ni-o-a-na-los-ta

Chakras: Third Eye

Zodiac: All

Element: Fire

Planet: Mars

Materials: Silver with Rhodium Plated

Composed of Iron-Nickle alloy and an extremely rare form of shocked quartz called stishovite, Muonionalusta Meteorite crystals are highly collectable stones with a wealth of energetic benefits. Muonionalusta Meteorite is a Meteoroid that comes from an Asteroid or Comet that collided with the Earth from outer space. To date, Muonionalusta is the oldest discovered meteorite on our planet, with the original impact estimated to have occurred nearly 1 million years ago. Pieces of the Meteorite can be found in Sweden and throughout northern Scandinavia. The intriguing patterns come from are nicknamed ‘Widmanstatten’ patterns. It can take millions of years of cooling for these patterns to form. Its high vibration is connected to the Third Eye Chakra and can be used to help with spiritual transformation, psychic development, and Divine connection. Use these stones to aid in healing the mind and finding emotional balance.


Rhodium is in the platinum family and it adds shine, luster and durability to jewellery. It gives the jewellery a beautiful finish and protects against scratches and tarnish. Rhodium is more rare and stronger than silver. Rhodium is naturally nickel-free so any rhodium plated jewellery is hypoallergenic.


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