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OUTLET Zebra Agate Palmstones - Confidence/Balance

OUTLET Zebra Agate Palmstones - Confidence/Balance

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OUTLET Zebra Agate Palmstones

Pronunciation: Blak zee-bra -A-gate

Chakras: Root and Base

Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

Believed to be formed 500-600 million years ago, Zebra Agate is found all over the world these days. First discovered in Australia, this quirky looking crystal is a true positive energy booster. Carrying Zebra Agate with you will help to increase energy, confidence and is emotionally balancing. Zebra Agate is great if you need an extra push for creativity, grounding and clear thinking as well. It also has a very air-like feel to it when meditating, while it also provides grounding, focus and concentration. This crystal has a strong connection to your Root and base Chakras and promotes balancing and realignment of these energy centres to elevate your awareness.

Once you have chosen your crystal, we will make a conscious choice which one to send to you.

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