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Trinity Stone Hearts - Protection/Communication

Trinity Stone Hearts - Protection/Communication

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Trinity Stone Hearts

Pronunciation: Tri-ni-ti Stone

Chakras: Throat, Heart

Zodiac: All

Element: Earth

Planet: Mercury and Venus

Mohs Hardness: 4 – 7.5 depending on the mixture of the three crystals in each stone

Trinity Stone is rare find and consists of three beautiful minerals, Fuchsite, Blue Kyanite and Almandine Garnet. This mixture of crystals gives Trinity Stone a soft healing power for mainly the Throat and Heart Chakras. The Garnet in this crystal is connected to the Heart Chakra and will re-energize your aura and ensure your energy is flowing freely through the Chakras without any blockages so you can stay grounded and protected. Garnet is also used as protection from evil and is a popular stone to carry with you when travelling. Kyanite is to aid in dream recall and promote healing during dreaming. As a blue stone, it is highly attuned to your Throat Chakra and can encourage communication and self-expression, especially in times when you feel unable to speak your truth. Fuchsite is known for its nurturing abilities, preferred by energy healers and spiritual guides for its gentle vibrations that support the mind in times of stress. This lovely stone has a strong Heart Chakra vibration frequency and we felt it enhanced our self-love and self-acceptance journey greatly. We love combining Trinity Stone with Red Calcite for more grounding and aligning of the Chakras, Herkimer Diamonds to boost the ability for dream recalling and raising the Throat Chakra Frequency.

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