Tali & Loz Rough Crystals Vanadanite Rough, Mexico
Tali & Loz Rough Crystals Vanadanite
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Vanadanite - Creativity/Motivation

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Pronunciation: Va-nad-a-nite

Chakras: Third Eye, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Root

Zodiac: Virgo

Element: Fire and Earth

Origin: Mexico, San Carlos Chuahua

Vanadinite got its identity when the mineral was first discovered in Mexico in the 18th century by Andres Manuel Del Rio, who named it after the metal ‘vanadium’. This fancy crystal has a transparent red-orange colour with short hexagonal prisms and a flat base. Some have said that this crystal can look quite aggressive due to its pointy texture, however it’s actually remarkably light in weight and when held in the hand it presents a free flow of energy.

Vanadinite will stimulate your creativity and allow you to mentally express yourself so it is especially useful if you are an artist or writer. It encourages you to take risks and express your ideas and desires more easily. The strong vibrations and energy of this crystal will give you the motivation you need to accomplish your goals and a calm energy to pursue matters in a determined and productive manner. If you are struggling to remain focused and organize your thoughts during meditation, this crystal will ground your mind and settle anxious thoughts. It is an excellent crystal for the Third Eye Chakra, stimulating your spiritual growth and cleansing the mind. Healing all the base chakras at once, and especially the Solar Plexus Chakra also known as the power chakra it will help balance male and female hormonal imbalances, including menopause.


These Crystals are 60-80mm in size.

Please be mindful that these are natural products, they each have their own look and might slightly vary from the pictures.

All our crystals are sold per one piece.