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Zebra Calcite Rough Pieces - Intuition/Manifesting

Zebra Calcite Rough Pieces - Intuition/Manifesting

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Zebra Calcite Rough Pieces

Chakras: All

Zodiac: Pisces, Gemini, Libra

Element: Earth

Planet: Pluto, Earth

Mohs Scale Hardness: 3

Found in Mexico Zebra Calcite has a mesmerising, calming look and vibe to it. It may even contain some Aragonite traces and is a reasonably soft stone with 3 on the Mohs Scale.  When you meditate with Zebra Calcite it connects to your inner-power, trust and confidence. Connected to all seven Chakras, Zebra Calcite is a must have in your collection, it absorbs your intentions in order for you to work with this stone in any way you want. We love using this gem to stimulate our Third Eye Chakra for intuition, vision, manifesting and motivation. Other great benefits of Zebra Calcite is its connection to your Root Chakra for grounding, protection and courage. Carry a piece of Zebra Calcite with you at all times for overall balance and aura protection plus it is also a great stone for children to use. Our favourite combinations with Zebra Calcite are; Snow Quartz for stimulating the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, Tourmaline for major grounding work and last but not least Yellow Aventurine to connect to your Solar Plexus for creativity, joy and empowerment.

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