Top 15 Best Crystals and Stones for Healers

Top 15 Best Crystals and Stones for Healers

What does it mean to be a healer? People who incarnate in this world to facilitate healing in others come in all varieties, from yoga teachers and energy workers, to mental health counsellors and nurses, and beyond. However, regardless of what avenue you find yourself exploring as a healer, incorporating crystals into your work is a game changer. To get the most benefit, you’ll want to explore our top 15 best crystals for healers.

Whether you work in a healing profession or simply bring healing to others in your everyday life, these crystals offer a variety of benefits to serve your needs as a healer.


Crystals for Protection

All healers – regardless of what sort of healing field they work in – must protect themselves in order to do their work with integrity and good intentions. If you want to avoid being negatively impacted by your good work, or holding onto anything that’s not yours, add a few protective stones to your collection. There are several stones and crystals that offer spiritual and energetic protection, we recommend Tourmaline, Labradorite, and Obsidian as the best crystals for healers when it comes to protection.


Like Quartz crystals, Tourmaline comes in a variety of forms, colours, and 

Tourmaline Rough Crystals

energy spectrums, but when it comes to seeking protection as a healer, Black Tourmaline is the way to go. These stones offer psychic protection while keeping the auric filed clear, even when you’re working with someone who suffers from extreme imbalance, chaotic emotions or destructive energy. Keep the bad vibes away by carrying this stone with you while at work, and meditating with your Tourmaline following a healing session, or shift at work. You may also find that sleeping with Tourmaline under your pillow at night offers an extra dose of auric clearing and purification so you feel refreshed each morning.


Labradorite is an extra special crystal for healers. This powerful gem offers protection by creating a force field throughout the aura to shield your energies

Labradorite Hearts

within, completely blocking out anything and everything external. It can prevent others from plugging into your energy field and draining you as you do your work (whether they’re trying to do so intentionally or not). Wearing or carrying this stone while engaged in your duties as a healer is a must for protection. As an added bonus, it can also help to boost your spiritual gifts and abilities. Activate and strengthen your inner magic while at work with this stone, or during your own, personal meditative experiences.


Obsidian is another stone that comes in a variety of colours and types, but when it comes to protection, Black Obsidian is the way to go. This grounding stone

Obsidian Towers

offers its users psychic protection and has the ability to cleanse away negativity. Keep this crystal in your healing space to protect your environment from negativity, or wear it and carry it with you to give your own energetic field an extra dose of protective energy. Black Obsidian is ideal for eliminating any negative energy that you may be carrying with you from your own experiences with life, as well as helping the people you work with in eliminating their own negative energy. That’s why it’s one of the best crystals for healers.


Crystals for Higher Consciousness and Good Vibrations

As a healer, it’s important to have a high level of conscious awareness and good vibrations to positively impact your healing environment and the people you work with. Isn’t that why you’re a healer – because you have the ability to impact energy in a positive way for the benefit of others? That doesn’t mean you don’t need a little extra help sometimes, though. You are human after all. Find support in continually elevating your conscious awareness and keeping your vibrations high with help from Clear Quartz, Fluorite, Celestite, Angelate, Blue Topaz, and Super Seven

Clear Quartz

Working with Clear Quartz in your own meditation and crystal practices can help you keep all your Chakras aligned and in check, which is essential for 

Clear Quartz Towers

maintaining high conscious awareness and good vibrations. Amplify your energy and abilities while using this stone in conjunction with your work, or program your stones to help you manifest certain intentions in your work with yourself and others. Clear Quartz is the only stone that can be programmed with an intention, making it an essential crystals for healers.


Much like Black Obsidian works to clear away negative energy, Fluorite is like a

Fluorite Towers

psychic vacuum cleaner with the ability to do away with confusion, mental clutter, and negative thoughts. Use this stone to help you think more clearly when working with others and making important discriminations regarding the kind of energy and people you’re willing and able to work with.


The energy of Celestite works like a gentle nudge toward expanding your

Celestite Rough Druzy

awareness for access into higher realms. If you work with spirit guides or angels in your work as a healer, Celestine is one of the best crystals you can invest in. It has the ability to facilitate communication by stimulating the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. You can also bring soft, positive and uplifting energies to your environment by placing Celestite clusters throughout your healing space. For more focused work, you can also explore other varieties of Celestite.


Another good crystal for working with angels and spirit guides is Angelite, which 

Angelite Towers

works as an anchoring talisman for the energies of these energetic beings. Wear or carry this stone with you to aid you in receiving loving guidance from the energies that exist on higher planes, whether that guidance is for you or the individuals you work with in your healing practice.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz in an excellent crystal for healers because it helps to clear the lines

Blue Topaz Tumblestones

of communication between you and the people you work with. Use it in your work to help to magnify your psychic abilities and gifts, particularly as it relates to following your own inner guidance. Or work with Blue Topaz regularly through meditation to gradually enhance your abilities over time. If you feel called to work with crystal grids and layouts in your work as a healer, Blue Topaz is an excellent stone to work with.

Super Seven

This rare crystal has a vibration that connects all of humanity, guiding us to

Super Seven Towers

positively impact the vibration of the whole planet. Use Super Seven to help develop your own psychic and spiritual gifts or to connect with people and boost your own ability to stimulate healing in others. This stone can affect healing on all levels, mind, body and spirit, and as such makes an excellent tool for healers in a variety of healing professions.


Crystals for Self-Cleansing Balance

When you feel run down from your work as a healer, or like you need to put more time and effort into tending to your own needs, seek out crystals that help with cleansing and balancing your own energy and the spaces you occupy at home, at work, and in everyday life. Taking care of yourself and your own needs is essential to serving as a healer in this lifetime. The best crystals for healers who need help with balance and self-cleansing include Selenite, Red Jasper, Malachite, Golden Healer Quartz, and Herkimer Diamonds.


Selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal that resets and charges the energies it

Moon Phase Selenite Wands

comes into contact with. Work with this stone through meditation and observe the energetic shifts it creates for you. This may help you elevate your conscious awareness, clear up energetic stagnation, rejuvenate your spirit and leave you feeling energetically light. You can also use Selenite to quickly cleanse your auric filed and break up negative energies as needed. Keep it in your workspace and use it to cleanse as needed between clients.

Red Jasper

Turn to Red Jasper when you need to fortify your endurance, stamina and life 

Red Jasper Towers

force energy. Especially when you’re at risk of burn out, this stone can help you stay strong and vibrant despite the challenges you may face in your own life, or when working with others. Keep Red Jasper in your pocket or wear it as jewellery when you move through the day or engage in your work. You can also meditate with this stone at home and in your own practice to charge up and prepare for and challenging work ahead.


Use Malachite to infuse your auric field with positive vibrations, and strengthen 

your energetic shield. This is one of the best crystals for healers who want to avoid burn out or being run down by work and unwanted energy. Carry it with you, wear it as jewellery, meditate with it or mindfully place it in your workspace to reap the benefits that Malachite has to offer. As an added bonus, working with Malachite can help you avoid being noticed by the kinds of people you don’t want to attract.

Golden Healer Quartz

For self-healing, all healers need a little Golden Healer Quartz in their lives. This

Golden Healer Quartz Hearts

is truly one of the best crystals for healers as it emanates powerful healing vibrations for the body and expansive vibrations for higher consciousness. Replenish your heart and soul using this stone. Whether you need deeply profound healing, or just a pick me up of good vibrations, Golden Healer Quartz delivers.

Herkimer Diamonds

Attune to the white Light of the Divine Essence using Herkimer Diamonds in

Herkimer Diamonds

meditation, dream work, Sacred Geometry, energy work, or wearing it as jewellery. Working with or wearing this stone can give you a sense of maintaining constant, subliminal connection to higher consciousness and other spiritual domains. Commune with spirit guides, angels, Christ consciousness, and Divine Light using this stone to find balance between physical reality and spiritual awareness.


Zeolite is a crystal that, on a subtle level, works to eliminating negative energy

Zeolite Pieces

from your life and invite in more happiness. It is a must-have crystal for healers who work on an energetic level. For example, using Zeolite, Reiki practitioners can boost their ability to work directly with energy and enhance a clients’ experience with healing energies. If you’re new to working on an energetic level, Zeolite would make an excellent companion as you grow in your skills.


Other Essential Must-Have Healer Tools


Sage is an essential tool for healers to keep in their workspace and personal 

Rose petals sage

toolkit. Burning sage can help clear energy out of any space or energetic field. Whether you need to reset energy to its natural vibration, or create space for new energy to come in, burning sage with mindful intention will get the job done.

Crystal Infused Oils

Crystal infused oils combine the powerful effects of certain crystals with the various benefits of essential oils to create a potent tool for healing. Use your

Essentials Oils with Burner

favourite crystal infused oils to give yourself little energetic “touch-ups” throughout the day, or with an intention during your personal meditation practice. You may find that infusing these oils in your home or workspace creates an excellent atmosphere for healing, and enhances the energies of any crystals you may be working with.

Facilitating healing in others is sacred and fulfilling work, but it can also be very demanding, draining, and challenging at times. Always remember to take care of yourself and tend to your own healing, even as you do the work of helping others heal. Use our list of the top 15 best crystals for healers to find the options that feel right for you. Connect with your intuition, use discernment, and then browse our available collections.

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

Love & Light, Laura


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