Selenite: The Stone of Higher Consciousness

Purification, energy cleansing, and elevated awareness are just a few of the gifts provided by Selenite crystals. This powerful stone has a high vibration that works its magic on the crown and third eye chakras, giving its users the ability to connect with higher consciousness, intuition, and spiritual guidance. It’s capable of quickly and effectively cleansing your auric field, plus, it can dissipate the negative energies that accumulate in the physical and energetic bodies.

Take a deep dive into the benefits of owning and using Selenite crystals in your everyday life, then add a new piece or two to your collection today!


What is Selenite?

Selenite, which is closely related to fibrous gypsum, is a hydrous calcium sulphate mineral. The stones are typically long and tubular in shape, with a natural wand-like look to them. With a hardness of 2 on the MOHs scale, it’s an incredibly soft stone that in some instances, can be bent in the hands of its users.

Selenite Star

Selenite crystals have been used by many civilizations throughout history. The name Selenite was given to the stone by the ancient Greeks (from the Greek word Selene, which means moon). Some say it was given this name because the colour and sheen of Selenite crystals reminded the Greeks of the moon itself. Others say the name was given because Selenite was exclusively used by the Greeks to make windows that allowed one to see the moon at night.

In Ancient Mesopotamia, Selenite was used to keep evil spirits away, which is not far off from the cleansing and purifying intentions with which we use these crystals today.

Although Selenite can be found in Australia, Greece and the US, the most popular form used by healers and those with mineral kingdom practices, come from Mexico.  


Working with the Selenite Wand

Selenite is a powerful stone that when used in wand-form can strengthen the properties of other crystals, open the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, cleanse the auric filed and break up negative energies, elevate conscious awareness, clear stagnation, and so much more.

Point your Selenite wand directly at the Third Eye to clear the higher Chakras

Selenite Wands

and create space for elevated awareness. Use the stone in meditations that are designed to help you meet with your spirit guides or visualize past and future incarnations. Or close your eyes and rest a Selenite stone over your heart to receive guidance or higher wisdom from you spirit guides. Similarly, placing a Selenite wand along the spine can help to clear the energy pathway and align the Chakras.

Selenite can also be used to activate crystal grids which may be made with a variety of stones depending on your intentions (such as working toward emotional healing, manifestation, spiritual enlightenment, etc.). Consider pairing Selenite with Amethyst, Angel Aura Quartz and Blue Calcite to create powerful combinations for vibrational healing.

Another popular way that many crystal owners use Selenite is to cleans and purify other stones in their collections. Set your intention and then point your Selenite wand at the stone you intend to cleanse.


Keep Selenite Vibrant and Strong

Whether you use your Selenite Crystals frequently or not, it’s important to purify and recharge your crystals regularly. As a stone that is associate with the moon,

Blue Lace agate charging on a extra large selenite wand

Selenite does especially well when charged under the light of the full moon each month. If you need to clear the stones more often, set your intentions and use sage to cleanse each stone.

There are many other methods for cleansing and recharging crystals, but when it comes to Selenite, using water is not advised. Selenite is a very soft stone, and with time, water can dissolve and damage your Selenite crystals.


Selenite for your Astrology

Although all individuals can benefit from adding Selenite to their collections, Selenite is especially recommended for individuals who were born under the Taurus sun.

Taurus people tend to be very earthly beings, and as such, may struggle to

Selenite Moon

connect with higher energies and/or other worldly beings. Selenite can help a Taurus evolve spiritually and experience greater happiness throughout their time on Earth. Additionally, it can help Taurus people clear away negativity, eliminate harmful thoughts, manage difficult emotions, and enhance intuition.

All in all, if you’re a Taurus, adding Selenite to your collection may help you experience a greater sense of inner peace and establish higher connections while remaining grounded.


Start Working with Selenite Today

Ready to incorporate the purification, energy cleansing, and elevated awareness that comes with using Selenite into your life? Open your Third Eye and Crown

Extra Large Selenite Wand

Chakras, cleanse your auric filed, break up negative energies, elevate your conscious awareness, clear away stagnation, and work toward your own spiritual evolution with help from the all mighty Selenite.

Whether your goal is to connect with other worldly energies, or just work toward inner peace, Selenite is a powerful tool that can be used to help you achieve your goals.

Browse Selenite pieces here.

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