Tali & Loz podcast will discuss and discover the wonderful world of spirituality. We will talk to a large variety of people in this field from Astrologers to Witches, from Crystal Healers to Sound Healers. -Tali & Loz is an online crystal healing shop, our founder and host of this podcast, would love this share, discus and discover the world of spirituality with you.

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Episode 1. Evolutionary Astrology

I am discovering Evolutionary Astrology with Astrologer Jev. This is a relatively new practice in astrology and opens up a whole new perspective.
Jev will also talk about what this Leo season is all about, especially the Lionsgate  'Leo in New Moon' on 08.08.2021.
Laura and Jev also collaborated on crystal healing sets for Tali & Loz crystal shop and they will talk about the best crystals for the Leo.
Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Find Jev on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evolution.with.jev/


 Episode 2. Reiki

I am discovering the wonderful world of Reiki with Reiki Master Becky.
What is Reiki, how does it work and why do we need it?
Plus what is Becky her journey to Reiki and Spirituality?
Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Find Becky on Instagram Here


Episode 3. Buddhism 

This week I am talking to Qi, who is born and raised as a Buddhist in Burma. He moved to the UK 16 years ago and my question to him is; how does he view and experience the rise of spirituality, often related to Buddhism, in the Western World. He is also sharing a great insight on how Buddhism is practiced in the East as well as sharing some tips on how to start meditating.

Find Qi on Instagram Here


Episode 4. Virgo Season

I am learning about the energies of the Virgo Season from Jev. What can we look forward to and what do we need to be aware off? How can we embrace the beautiful the energies of the Goddess? Sit back, relax and discover. 


Episode 5. Witchcraft

This week I am talking to Eclectic Witch Lauren, to discover witchcraft. What is considered Witchcraft exactly? What is the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft? Some of us grew up with the 'pop-culture' depictions of witchcraft but how realistic are these really? There is lots to find out in this episode on this, for most, mysterious practice.

Find Lauren her bath range, Moonseed, on Instagram here and her website here.


Episode 6. Akashic Records

I am talking to Basia who is an Akashic Record Reader, Counsellor and Reiki Practitioner.
She is explaining what the Akashic Records is, how it works and how we can benefit from reading the record. 

Find Basia here. on Instagram and her website here.



Episode 7. Connecting to Your Spirit Guides

I am talking to Glynis, a Metaphysical Teacher, Clairvoyant Medium and Writer. She is talking about her journey with her two spirit guides as well as giving us the the insight on how we can connect with our spirit guides, how they will support us in our souls journey and how to build a bond with them.

Find Glynis here on her website and here on Facebook . Check out Glynis her articles on spirituality as well on her website, they are very inspirational. 

Episode 8. Libra Season

 I am learning about the energies of the Libra Season from Jev.
What can we look forward to and what do we need to be aware off?
This beautiful and social season can bring a lot of joy or is Mercury Retrograde going to pull some tricks?


Episode 9. Anniversary Episode

Hooray! Tali & Loz is one year old! This is a huge milestone for me starting my own business one year ago.
For this special episode I will be interviewed by Hayley-Jo, who has been by my side almost since the beginning.
This is a very loose, freestyled and chill episode about myself and of course Tali & Loz.

Episode 10. Grief and Spirit

I am speaking to Physic Medium and Grief Coach - Phoebe Young. Being Clairvoyant and Clairaudience, Phoebe has a strong connection to Spirit. I will learn how spirituality and connecting to Spirit helps with grief. Plus I will learn a lot more about the realm of Spirit.

When her father passed to the spirit world he became on of her spirit guides and via channeled writing with him, she wrote a book called 'The Gift'.

Episode 11. Dragon Energy

I am talking to Intuitive Listener Victoria Jane. Victoria is in touch with many realms but in this episode she is explaining what Dragon Energy is, where it comes from, how it works and how it can benefit us.

Episode 12. Scorpio Season

I am learning about the transformative energies of the Scorpio Season from Jev.
What can we look forward to and what do we need to be aware off?
How can we embrace the deep energy we will experience?

Episode 13. Following Guidance

I am talking to Cari Palmer,  writer, speaker and master in following guidance. She shares her story where she went from A-Z (from Abused to Zen), and how following guidance turned her turbulent life into a peaceful one.
She also shares a very intriguing sneak peak of her upcoming book as well!

What I have learned from her; deeply follow what guidance says, no matter how uncomfortable and crazy it feels. 


Episode 14. Spiritual Veganism

I am talking to Haz who is a vegan and has a spiritual take on this. He will explain why this is, where it comes from and gives me great tips on how to gradually eat more vegan.

Episode 15. Female Empowerment

Phoebe is back and she is talking about female empowerment and how to incorporate spirituality to boost your own inner-strength.

Episode 16. Sagittarius Season with Jev 

I am learning about the energetic energies of the Sagittarius Season from Jev. What can we look forward to and what do we need to be aware off? How can we embrace the energy we will experience?

Episode 17. Capricorn Season with Jev

I am learning about the analytical energies of Capricorn Season from Jev. What can we look forward to and what do we need to be aware off? How can we embrace the energy we will experience?