How to Cleanse and Recharge Crystals to Maintain Their Energy


Golden healer quartz and Chrysoprase in a black dish with a sage smudging stick


Do you want to learn how to cleanse and recharge your crystals at home, quickly and increase their high energy vibrations? Crystals are mostly natural and come from all over the world, and they carry a vibration and energy with them that has a particular effect on their surroundings, but also the energies surrounding the crystal can affect the crystal itself. These energies could misalign the true natural vibration and it is important for them to be restored before using the crystal or after you have used it a few times.

To maintain the energy of the crystals they need to be cleansed and recharged now and again once they find their new home.

We will take you through 6 ways you can use to clean and recharge your crystals. 

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Sage smoke - smudging

Our preferred way of cleansing crystals is by bathing them in sage smoke; this process is called smudging. Sage smoke has a deep cleansing effect on multiple levels. Firstly, we use it to realign the crystals’ energy after its journey to us and before the journey to you.  This is also great if you want to gift your crystal to a friend afterward and they will be ready to use straight away.

Most types of sage are antimicrobial and some also have antibacterial properties. This helps to keep bacteria, fungi and viruses at bay.

To smudge the crystals you will need a smudge stick, a ceramic or clay bowl and a lighter. After lighting the smudge stick, you can place the crystals in the bowl and fan the smudge stick around the bowl so the crystals are  bathing in the smoke. Another way is to leave the stick in the bowl, have the crystals in your hand and fan the smoke towards your hand but away from yourself.

*Please never leave burning sage unattended, we recommend to always have water nearby.

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Dry brown rice

Leaving your crystals in a bowl of dry brown rice will draw out any negative energy that the crystals may have. Simply submerge the crystals in dry brown rice overnight, or preferably for at least 24 hours and dispose of the rice straight after.

Amethyst Druzy

The various forms of water

Not all crystals are safe to cleanse and recharge with water. We recommend this method only to cleanse hard crystals such as Amethyst and Quartz.

The best water cleansing ritual will be to fully submerge the crystals in a natural stream of water and dry straight away afterwards.

Running tap water will also cleanse the crystals from any misaligned energies.

A third water ritual is using saltwater. Again, natural saltwater will be most effective to use, alternatively you can add rock or sea salt to a bowl of water and leave the crystals to soak for a few hours.


Use of mother earth

Mother earth has given us wonderful and powerful ways to help animals, humans and herself.

You can place your crystals onto the soil, bury them in the ground or even place them in plant pots that also benefits the plants! 

Simply place the crystals for 24 hours onto or into the soil. Please be mindful that some crystals do not like too much sun as that may cause harm to their colouring. Also be careful of any creatures that may be interested in your shiny gems as well.


Other crystals

Yes, you can use other crystals to cleanse and recharge your crystals as well!

Amethyst Cathedral

For example, Selenite has a powerful cleansing effect on all crystals. We love to place the crystals on a Selenite stick or slab for at least 12 hours.

You can also use larger crystals, especially big Amethyst cathedrals that have stronger and higher vibrations. Simply place the smaller crystals in or on top of the cathedrals.

Additionally, a crystal like Carnelian that is a self-healing stone is also great to use. Try to pick the mid to larger pieces that have  strong enough vibrations to provide cleansing energy.

White moon cycles grahpic

How to recharge your crystals

We at Tali & Loz love to live by the moon cycle and we take our crystals with us on this journey.

Of course, you know how the moon has a strong effect on Mother Earth and everything that shares her space. The oceans' tides follow the moon, and there are even more births around the full moon than the new moon as human behavior is affected by the presence of the full moon.

Similarly, the vibrations of crystals will be much stronger after you bathe them in full moonlight.

They feel full, vibrant and powerful after a good bath.

We love to place the crystals in a safe place outside, facing the full moon if possible, or otherwise on the window sills. We start our ritual early in the evening and take them inside once we have woken up. Some crystals don’t like sunlight so we would suggest not to leave them out for too long.  

All of this information may leave you with extra questions as well. We have collected the top 3 questions on cleansing and recharging your crystals for you right here.


How often should I cleanse the crystals?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer here unfortunately. We recommend to cleanse and recharge at least once per moon cycle, so every 29 days. But, sometimes you may need to carry particular crystals with you more often or have them around you when something stressful or traumatic has happened. In that case, we recommend to cleanse them as soon as possible after the event and feel their  vibration. If the vibration of a crystal feels weak, leave it  aside until a full moon recharge.


If Selenite, Large Amethyst and Carnelian charge other crystals, do they need cleansing and charging as well?

Even though Carnelian is a self healing crystal, we believe our Carnelians LOVE

Carnelian Tumbles

a full moon bath. This is also true  for Selenite and larger crystals that can charge other crystals. We don’t find that charging other crystals weakens their energy at all. . But giving them a bit of extra love with  a full moon bath certainly gives them a boost.


How do I know they are properly cleansed and charged?

This is a question that will be answered by your own intuition. Crystals have a certain vibration, each individual piece has its own energy, which comes in to play when you choose a crystal. 

After a cleanse and recharge session, simply hold the crystal between your thumb and index finger, feel its energy and if needed just close your eyes for a second or two. If you feel the crystal feels weak after a full moon, charge the crystal another night straight away and then most certainly, your precious stone will feel vibrant.

If you just did an ‘in between’ moon cycle cleanse, you can introduce another cleansing session, or alternatively place the crystal aside for a full moon charge.

*Feel free to leave your questions and comments below or email us!

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

  Love & Light, Laura


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