Guest Blog: Reiki and Crystals - Amplifiers and Absorbers

Written by Reiki Master Rebecca Fletcher. 

Why I love using crystals with Reiki.

For those of you who have never heard of Reiki and are like “what does this have to do with crystals!”

Well, my answer to that is, Everything!

Reiki is the Japanese ancient art of healing through the hands (sometimes even the eyes). Through various techniques and teachings, reiki practitioners are

Essential oils and oil burner hand

attuned to connecting with Ki, life force energy. This energy exists within all of us and as we connect with this spark of light, it then flows through the hands and then through the client to help generate energetic flow within their body and aura. This Reiki energy assists with deep relaxation, stress reduction and moves energetic stagnations which may be causing disruptions to the physical body as well as calming inflammation in the nervous system.


Why is Reiki important?

Well, we live in a highly stressful world, and we all know how that impacts us, right? We become agitated, frustrated, low in energy, less motivated and more inclined to shut ourselves down. When we become despondent to our feelings and intuitions it can lead us to unhealthy behaviours, therefore continuing the cycle of harm to our well-being, it’s a vicious cycle. We have all been there, myself included, excessive partying, eating the wrong foods and being inactive. Before finding Reiki I did everything to avoid dealing with the issue at hand, that issue was me.

Reiki completely changed my life, working as a make up artist for over 14 years I

Super Seven Towers

would never have imagined entertaining the idea of working as a holistic therapist, let alone teaching, but here I am! Over the last 3 years discovering myself and learning to understand how the metaphysical universe can support us has been illuminating. Crystals were an essential part of that realisation.

Crystals bring great comfort and understanding, I truly mean this, as a living piece of nature I look to them as amplifiers and absorbers of energy. So, how does this work?

Crystals are amplifiers, when I say amplifier, I literally mean to turn the volume

Labradorite Freeforms

up. They increase the energy flow and invite in more of the good stuff. I love using labradorite for this, it increases my intuition when I rub it on my forehead/Third Eye Chakra and if I hold it in meditation I feel it flowing through my hands. I even have it next to my laptop to support me in my writing endeavour’s. When I use Labradorite in Reiki, I love placing this crystal under the pillow of the client to invite its power through the Crown Chakra, bringing more flow into the individual as they connect with their own higher consciousness.

Another of my faves is Clear Quartz, the ‘Master Healer’ crystal, it brings us

XL Clear Quartz Clusters

clarity and a feeling of protection and calm. I place Clear Quartz under the massage bed to wrap the client in its incredible pure energy, a blanket of love. Clear Quartz plays a major role in my distant healing too. By using it on a crystal grid I increase the energetic connection to the person receiving Reiki through the ether. Look at it as the power of prayer directed and focused to the individual receiving it, an influx of healing energy, it’s incredibly powerful, more so with the assistance of crystals.

Absorbers are also essential; they bring balance and are able to not only block

Kyanite Rough Pieces

negative energy directed our way, they are also able to digest negative releases from the energetic body. One of the best crystals for this is Kyanite, blue in colour, which in itself acts as protection, is able to assist in removing stuck energy. When I observe this in a client’s body I will often place Kyanite directly on that point or next to the area of the body to encourage the energy’s movement.

My superhero though is Obsidian. Traditionally used in scrying, this acts as the

Obsidian Apache Tears Tumblestones

seer. It is the most powerful crystal for protection, it prevents us absorbing other people’s energies or negative energy that may exist within us that need a new place to reside.

The important thing to remember when using crystals in this way is that we cleanse them and power them up, this way each time we use them they are at their full potential, and we should use this exact same ethos when it comes to us! I love doing this by using my Tibetan sound bowls, I place each crystal inside the bowl and stir softly so the sound vibration resonates and moves any remaining energy on. Alternatively incense, moonlight, soil, or sage will do the trick.

My last remaining tip is to use crystals for affirmations, I love using Amethyst or Rose Quartz on top of an affirmation that I have written on a piece of paper. The one I use daily is I AM ENOUGH, held between my hands with either of the above crystals so that it resonates from and through my heart space.

Crystals and Reiki go hand in hand, if you want to learn more feel free to visit my website here! I love to connect with you!

Love & Light,


Rebecca Flecther

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