We at Tali & Loz are very honored to have collaborated with designers and specialists right from the start of the company.

Jev Glazunova

Jev is an Evolutionary Astrologer who helps people see the beauty of their individual paths. She is guiding others on their journeys of personal self-discovery with wisdom and compassion, and ultimately inspiring and enabling their inner growth. 

With Jev her knowledge we have curated a beautiful range of Zodiac Crystal Kits to complement each zodiac their characteristics. Explore them here.


Eliza Keniry

Eighth heaven jewellery by me Eliza an empathic Reiki master!

Reiki is an immense gift that I’m truly full of gratitude for having in my life and the life of everybody that has experienced treatments with me.

I believe that being guided by your intuition and understanding is most important and that the world needs love and healing above all else at this time. This is what has motivated and guided me through self-reiki and the launch of my first semi-precious crystal and stone jewellery range.

For hundreds of years, various crystal stones have been used on and around one’s body to promote wellbeing, positivity, balance and bring peace. Wearing these powerful stones as often as we can, is the perfect way to collect and benefit from their rich and powerful energy.

Our bracelet range is a delicate and delightful mix of stackable faceted crystals with a choice of silver- or gold-plated beads. Each piece is hand made by me and reiki is used in the process to cleanse and charge the crystals with life force energy and positivity.

Every step of the process is managed with great care and gratitude for the planet that we all share. This is why I only use ethically sourced stones and crystals for our bracelets. They also arrive boxed in recycled packaging and biodegradable fair-trade cotton bags.

If I could leave you with one word and one intention for ourselves, each other, and our planet, it is “kindness”.

When we start there, we are open to see, hear and feel everything else.




Natalia Moro


Natalia is a life-time student of the faculty of astrological studies. Her passion for product design and development has been the centre of her life. Natalia and Laura have known each other for years and at the start of Tali & Loz, they came together and gave birth to the first collection of Tali & Loz, titled “The Moon”.

Natalia's inspiration comes from her passion for astrology and she wanted to create designs that represent and focus more on your moon sign instead of your sun sign. After seeing these beautiful designs, she searched for a designer who could put Natalia’s vision together and soon found John D’Addario.

The collaboration between us and John has been such a great journey and we are proud to be able to present you with these beautiful and inspiring designs. 

Natalia’s life path has now taken a different direction and is no longer part of Tali & Loz, however, we both await the time we might work together again.

John D’Addario

John D’Addario is an American tattoo artist currently based in Moscow, Russia.

We are very proud to have worked with John on our first collection ‘The Moon’ collection. John's input and vision were perfect for our first designs.

His love for art originated at a rather early age. The career as an artist began 16 years ago when he started with a traditional style and realism, which he didn’t like very much, but he believes it gave him a good base and helped him acquire the right knowledge. Tattooing has always been for him and his family a peculiar way of life, and, of course, the type of job that gave him the opportunity to "stay abroad.”

During this time, he has formed his own style. It’s best described as a mixture of sketchy lines and abstract colors. John believes that tattooing connects people of the past with modern generations.

​Experimenting with styles through the years, John has created a unique combination of art worthy of decorating your skin.

​Inspired by the tropical and wild America, the complexity of Europe, and the lively art found in Russia, Inkport Tattoo is the perfect combination of beauty and simplicity.

We highly recommend you have a look at his work on Instagram, it is truly inspiring.

Tali & Loz