Evolutionary Astrology and Crystals - By Jev

Written by Evolutionary Astrologer Jev.

What is Evolutionary Astrology?

Astrology has been with us for millennia. This incredible instrument for understanding pretty much anything about our lives stood the test of time. And despite various attempts of suppressing it by authorities and religions, we are the lucky generations who can see the powerful revival of Astrology.   

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One of the greatest outcomes of this revival is an addition of Evolutionary Astrology to the variety of branches and types of Astrology. Introduced by Jeffrey Wolf Green back in the 1980s, it continues to capture the interest of more and more people on this planet. "As within, so without" is the Universal law that Evolutionary Astrology follows, explores, and fully confirms. Because energetically we always attract what we are on an energetic level.

The magic of Evolutionary Astrology lies in the ability to use an Astrology chart as a map into the Soul. When we know what kind of experiences and lessons our Soul has been through and what it brought into this lifetime, we can better understand our life purpose in this lifetime. Once we are equipped with the knowledge of our deepest unconscious traits and psychology, our fears, and evolutionary intentions, we can step into our inner power and abundance.

When I learned about Evolutionary Astrology I was mesmerized by its depth and ability to transform people's lives. This is how "Evolution with Jev" (www.evolutuonwithjev.com) has been born after an extensive 2-year professional study and another 2 years of constant working with clients. My passion and mission are to make Astrology an accessible and empowering healing tool for everyone. 


Crystals and Astrology

The healing power of Evolutionary Astrology lies in shedding the light into the unconscious parts of ourselves and providing us with the direction of growth. And then, the healing journey can begin or continue by engaging in various healing modalities, which can balance mind, body, and soul. 

Crystals are those invisible helpers that can work with you day and night cleansing your energy and space, charging your aura with higher vibrations and so much more. That is in addition to the aesthetic pleasure they bring into your

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One of the easiest ways to choose the right crystal is to follow your astrological signature and the need. For example, if your Sun is in Libra, chances are that in this lifetime you're learning to build relationships from a balanced place, from a place of equality and justice. Relationships, which do not include people-pleasing, codependency, or putting another person on a pedestal.  This is where such crystals as Tourmaline in Quartz can provide needed help. It will harmonize yin & yang energies and bring balance to the contrasting characteristics of Libra’s personality. 

Tali & Loz and I have created fantastic zodiac crystal sets to balance out the characteristics of each zodiac. Check them out here.

If you know your Natal Chart, you may go a little deeper than just using your Sun sign. Sure bets would be to use crystals, which can support the placements of Pluto, Uranus, or Chiron by House (e.g. if your Uranus is in the 4th House, pick a crystal recommended for Cancer - link). These are typically vulnerable areas of our charts, which need our attention, work, and energetic support.  

Sending you so much love and light on your healing journey,

Astrologer Jev






*We at Tali & Loz have the pleasure to work on quite a few projects with Jev! She is an incredibly knowledgeable Astrologer who has also the ability to explain complex matters very clearly and eloquently. 

Jev appears on the Tali & Loz podcast on a monthly basis to tell us what we can expect of the new Zodiac Season. Check our podcast here.

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