The Journey of Reiki Master Eliza Keniry


Reiki master Eliza Keniry


My journey and what it personally means to me to be a certified Reiki master and why I regard Reiki treatments so highly.

From history books of old, we understand that Reiki originated in Japan over a hundred years ago. It was an ancient healing method for mind, body, and spirit. The symbols of Reiki represent spirituality, guided life energy, or life force energy. When you start to understand the principles of Reiki, a whole world of potential opens and you discover ways of healing yourself, each other, and the entire planet through the communication of love.


The introduction years 

In my teenage years, I was deeply intrigued by Chakra points in the body along with energy flow, and in my 20’s I had a keen interest in NLP or neuro-linguistic programming. Looking back, I’ve always been drawn to the essence of the inner self, mind over matter energy, and the true soul purpose of life force energy.

There are many different styles or practices of Reiki, but I found myself taking a course in holy fire Reiki first. In complete truth, I had never had a Reiki treatment before my course started. But I had a strong intuitive feeling of wanting to open fully by putting my trust in a master to give me a placement for my level 1 certification.

I felt this way I could fully understand and feel the process of treatment plus have the benefit of self-treatments afterward and be able to help my family and friends.

Initially, it was a very useful way for me to de-stress and find peace from life’s pressures plus a magnificent tool as a mother raising children.

But by the time I came to complete my 21 days of self-Reiki the world had changed for me dramatically. I felt so much more connected to my own body and mind as though I had tapped into a deeper level of understanding that connects all living things.

My journey continued naturally. I was giving family and friends treatments to help them with all kinds of things from sleep deprivation issues to exam anxiety and the results were remarkable. I was also being recommended by them to others and as I began to embrace my new calling, I knew I needed my level 2 to become a practitioner and fast! Pursuing my Level 2 prepared me to practice my skills on others fully and to learn more about the ethical code of practice. 

Buddha statue along the river

The road to Reiki Master 

Once I had achieved the level 2 certification, a deeper shift happened once again. It was just amazing to be able to help people through Reiki that were strangers to me that had issues that needed healing. I was reading their energy and could sense an instant confirmation that they felt the healing from the Reiki. It gave me a huge sense of gratitude knowing that Reiki works and could see it. There is no describing how deeply relaxing it is, or how it unblocks stress we hold in our bodies within those Chakras points and puts everything into focus. So simple yet complex. 

As I continued to practice as a Level 2 practitioner, I decided to become a Reiki master. I wanted to develop even further and tap into the unlimited supply of life force energy to give healing and treatments on a larger scale.


A day in the life of a Reiki Master 

Over these past years, I’ve been guided by my own self Reiki and I’m filled with gratitude for the many people I have given treatments to. Every one of my clients has given me more understanding of energy work on many different levels. Reiki has truly been the best gift I could receive on a personal level. If you are a Reiki practitioner yourself, remember that self-treatments are vital for wellbeing when working and treating others. I continue to make time for self-sessions every week and I’m truly thankful for the journey life has shown me.

Reiki’s unlimited nature offers opportunities for continued growth.

A person’s essence is driven by growth just like animals, trees, and flowering plants in nature. We all strive for growth and nourishment and to bloom we have to discover our own path of learning. This comes in many different levels way beyond the academic core lessons we were given as children in the education system or our professional environment.

We’re all here together in the school of life and I feel that we can all make the most of that journey by using Reiki healing along the way. The secret of inviting happiness is kindness and to accept the good that life has to offer.


Eight heaven jewellery, Eliza's bracelet range

Introducing the Eliza Keniry bracelet range 

The precious stone stretch bracelets were created from my own self Reiki treatments. They are made from crystals and jade stones using ethically sourced materials.

The box packaging and cloth bags are all made from fair-trade cotton, are cruelty-free, and biodegradable. Each piece is handmade by myself and I pass Reiki into each and every bracelet I make.

The combination of Reiki and crystals has massive healing potential. Crystals and precious stones are powerful tools to help us balance inner energy. As spiritual beings in a material world, our energy is very powerful. Let us live from the inside out and be guided by our feelings. The more we learn the more we grow and should never let our ego get in the way of our true feelings.


A few words on wellbeing  

My top tips for my own wellbeing and advice for anybody interested in staying positive is to remember that your intuition is spontaneous so you can’t make it happen. Just feel it go with your first impressions and do not over analyse it. Reiki treatments and meditation are a fantastic way to strengthen your intuitive senses. Don’t forget to eat well, sleep well, use crystals around your living spaces, and wear crystals and precious stones to balance energy in the body.

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@Hayley, Thank you so much! Eliza is such a wonderful Reiki master indeed we are blessed to be working with her! X

Tali & Loz

Love reading your story Eliza, thank you for sharing! And I love your gorgeous jewellery line 💚💚💚


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